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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Thor-rific? I seriously don't know...

Apparently, Water For Elephant has not hit the cinema in my area yet. Sigh. So I went to watch Thor instead... And to be honest...

 ...I have nothing to say. Well I'm not one of those comics expert (read: GEEKS) who go on saying this-and-this should not happen because this-and-this is not in the comic book and this-and-this is more interesting in the comic book and what's Natalie Portman doing in this movie? Where all those busty female actress?

The geeks said this, not me. And I can't judge their acting skills either because (besides that it is not my expertise) it's just a movie based on a comic book. It can be as comical as you can expect a comic book adaptation movie could be. No love scene, no emotional scene (this, however, does not apply on every movie adapted from comic book) so I can just watch the whole fighting, yadda yadda yadda talking, fighting again, talking, fighting, talking, fighting, talking, the hero kiss the heroin, talking, asking why the villain do what he did, fighting, villain's death, talking and happy ending.

There. There you go.

But to be honest it's kinda BORING.

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