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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Oh Gaga, you left me 'Speechless' (and I can assure yo this is not the first time)

When I first saw this pic I immediately remember the epic rap battle I watched on Youtube - Sarah Palin vs Lady Gaga in which Sarah says "You maybe Gaga, but you ain't a lady at all".

So true, Sarah. So true..

Lady Gaga attending a photocall in Mexico City to promote her latest album, Born This Way.

I don't know what's more intriguing to talk about; her bangs, which look like she had just fallen face first into a puddle of oil, that tape, put there to preserve what's left of her modesty, or her sweaty armpit, that proves that she's still a human.

I'll go with the sweaty armpits.

Why do I post this anyway, you may ask for this is typical-Gaga style. Well lemme tell you something a little shocking. I actually kinda like the dress. Yes. I FUCKING KINDA LIKE THE DRESS.

Sans the sheerness and that ridiculously high heel-less heels (which no human could ever wear. That's why her sweaty armpit is very disturbing) the dress is quite stunning itself. I'll even take that hair (I think it's kinda cute) and that electric blue tights. To be honest, the dress had a certain Victoria Beckham-ish vibe to it - the hem length, the simplicity but structuristic design. I even love her accessorizing as I came to think the necklace is kinda cute.

So to Gaga, I suggest you stop making fool of yourself and stop torturing your titties! You have a killer bod so make good use of it.

(my name)

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