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Friday, 27 May 2011

2011 FiFi Awards

So... FiFi is said to be the 'Oscars' for fragrance. Errrr... Okay...

Anyway, I'm pretty sure they're not as prestigious as Oscars because (besides the obvious reason that it's THEIR people who claimed that FiFi is the Oscars of fragrance) most of the celeb who attended the award show up in the most fugly dress. Ah, Hollywood celeb.... They always know how to make my day.

So lets start bitchin' y'all!

Halle Berry in Halston

No, no, Halle, honey.. This is no Oscars. This is not even FiFis. This is more like BET. Yes. BET. That's the place where you can go on with a dress that screams: "I desperately wanted to show off 99% of my skin. Why oh why is the midriff top is only legal during the 90s? Why?"

The answer to that is: No, honey. Even then, they were illegal. Unless you used to be in the Mickey Mouse Club.

Fergie in BCBG Max Azria

This could just be FiFis-worthy. She wear something as breezy and as washed out as this to the Globes last year. Except, then, she was a dark brown and not blonde, so washed out doesn't look so, well, washed out on her. But to be honest, she didn't look bad though. Hate the heels and clutch.

Kate Walsh in David Meister

This is as perfectly elegant as a Kate Walsh in a simple dress could get. Love the color on her. And she really remind me of that redhead from Project Runway.

Mary J. Blige

This is quite Oscars. And even Grammy-worthy. This is what a diva should really be wearing. The only thing I hate here is that gigantic flower cuffs. It's like Wonder Woman goes to prom or something.

And what with that Air Asia's stewardess pose?

Padma Lakshmi

Now THIS is what I called an Oscar! IF the Oscar was held on a remoted tropical island and the theme was 'My 2-Years-Old Son's Birthday'.

Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot that we're actually talking about FiFi here....

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