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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Fashion: The 2011 Latin Grammy Awards

Hot-blooded Latina wearing cracktastic tacky dress? Count me in!

Demi Lovato in Roland Mouret

Nah. I don't think she have enough boobs to carry this kind of dress. And what with those hair?

Sofia Vergara in Reem Arca

Very gorgeous.

Chiquinquira Delgado

The dress looks like it's covered with mould.

But I think it's kinda pretty.


Tulle, glitters, cleavage... Typical Latina stuff.

Satcha Pretto


Paula Fernandes

"I feel so sexy tonight! Look at all this lace covering the skin of my side-exposed body!"

Blanca Soto

"Bitch please. THIS is how you do sexy-side dress. You go full-frontal, bitches."

Lourdes Estefan

"My dress just gave birth to another dress. Your argument is hence invalid, bitches."

Anqelique Boyer

"I have no titties. Now YOUR argument is invalid."

Alejandra Guzman

Oh, the Latinos...


...they're just so proud of their DIY dresses right?

Friday, 11 November 2011

Fashion: 2011 CMA Awards - Carrie Underwood's Wardrobe Changes

So Carrie Underwood hosted the CMAs, again, and went trough some wardrobe changes.

But first, she went to the BMI Country Music Award wearing a one-shouldered Roberto di Villacis minidress.

Enh. It's still the same old Carrie. Heck I don't even know why I'm doing this post when I know almost all my comments would contain the phrase "the same ol' Carrie".

Anyway, yes, the dress. It have "sweet innocent virginal country music sweetheart" written all over it. I'm not sure about the tulle layering on the top part and I think it would be better if she pair this with a pair of sandals rather than peep-toed platform heels.

Moving on.

She then appeared on the CMAs red carpet wearing a sparkling gold Reem Arca dress.

If I were a famous professional blogger this would have been my comments: "Country music golden girl sparkles on the red carpet in her golden Reem Arca dress" but thank God I'm not so this would be my comment instead: "Miss Goldilocks promoting Christmas and bridesmaid accessories!"

And then she went trough a few wardrobe changes when she hosted the event. Lets go trough this one by one.

Zuhair Murad

Yes, we know you're a sweetheart Carrie. Now you can take off those ridiculous headband. Nice sandals though.


And now she's trying to convince us she's a badass with her recycled Britney's Grammys dress and stripper lace boots and all. Geez, make up your mind already, Carrie!

Jean Fares Couture

And now she's Miss Karrie Vasquez, host of the Latin Grammy Awards.

Georges Chakra

Another dress bleeding tulle. Is there a dress massacre happening out there?

Cengiz Abazoglu

And now she's a young Hollywood star at the MTV Award who also happens to be a big fat fanatic super-creepy fans of Brad Praisley.

Cengiz Abazoglu

And last but not least, Carrie also happens to be the young aspiring protege of the incredible Miss Peggy who seems to be having some problems facing a huge crowd. She looks like she just wet herself there.

So there's not so many "the same good old Carrie" comments after all!

Fashion: 59th Annual BMI Country Awards and 2011 CMA Awards

Aww come on Hollywood! How many events more out there? There's just too much to cover. And then there's the Latin Grammys and the Bambi Awards. I'm like, literally panting here. I mean, I just put two events in one post!

Anyway, gonna make this one quick and painful.

Faith Hill in Chado Ralph Rucci

Very chic. Hate the sheer cutouts though. And I think pairing big hair with such minimalistic look is kinda interesting.

Ginnifer Goodwin in Prabal Gurung

I don't get it. Did she pissed the hair-fairy or the hair-voodoo witch or something?

Hillary Scott in Reem Arca

Love the old Hollywood glam look but the dress is doing nothing to her figure.

Jennifer Nettles in Naeem Khan

I never like high middle slit. Otherwise this is kinda pretty.

Kellie Pickler in Pamela Roland

Stunning dress and figure. Terrible hair and makeup. She looks old.

Kimberly Perry


Leann Rimes in Badgley Mischka


Martina Mcbride

Unless you're going to stand troughout the whole event, don't wear satin pants. Otherwise she looks kinda fabulous.

Erin Andrews

Miss Teen Louisiana with her Space Barbie costume!

Miranda Lambert in Hippie Couture

At first she was all classy bitch goin' to some dinner at some fancy restaurant and then go to some opera or something.

Miranda Lambert in Pavoni

But then she was all Miss Mississippi giving Miss Louisiana a run for her money!

Natasha Bedingfield

Enh. Not enough honky-tonkiness.

Nicole Kidman in Stella Mccartney

She wore this to the BMIs and frankly I don't like it. I think it's because it's fucking ugly and it look ridiculous.

Nicole Kidman in Jean Paul Gaultier

The detailing of the dress looks like metal powder being held by magnet(s?). I imagine everywhere she goes she's gonna leave a metal powder trail behind. Just imagine the chair in which she'll be sitting on! I pity the Mexican cleaner lady.

Taylor Swift in Emilio Pucci

The dress should be served with something a little more "oomph", not virginal sweetness.

Taylor Swift in J. Mendel

The dress got amputated and now it's bleeding tulle.