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Saturday, 7 May 2011

I Mumbled: One Saturday Evening

So I had just had my (very) late lunch and taken my bath (because it's terribly warm today). Oh what an evening. As I'm trying to find my inspiration what to write on Lady Gaga-s latest music vid, Judas and taking mind notes on how I'd celebrate Mother's Day tomorrow, I wondered a little.

What my life would be like, 10 years from now? I imagine I'd live in an apartment in the city with it walls colored elegant, dove gray. And then every weekend I'll make myself brunch. The main dishes is not what matters to me. It's the dessert. I imagine I'd finish my meal with a fruit salad dgn campuran banana, strawberry, mango and maybe kiwi. And maybe a little guava for a little crunchy-ness. Hahahaha. But to think again about it, maybe it'll taste weird. I mean, guava and strawberry? Mango and kiwi? Hmmm... Then I'd spend my afternoon sitting on the balcony, trying to write, or draw or design something. If not maybe I'd go out for some window shopping or maybe I'll do my favorite activity - cleaning! Ah.... Life as a single adult. How lonely yet so well-planned and organized.. Everyday also do the same thing. No kids making noises and messes, no siblings to bother you around and annoy the living shit out of you...

This is the closest that I got from my imagination.

This too. But mine would look simpler (this one look mewah) and less semak, you know, with all the furniture and stuff. Tak suke la. Payah nak bersihkan.
 Can't wait for it to happen ^^

Oh and I'm watching this old Hindi movie la kan with Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan in it. I think they're a wonderful duo la. Ah... How I miss the good ol' Bollywood movies. Bollywood movies yg skang2 ni x besh! And then I wondered again and I came out with a love quote:
"What's the best thing that could ever happen to two people in love than tackiness and cheesiness?"
Can you imagine, tetibe ur prince tercongok dpan pintu n told u he loves you. Or maybe suddenly the woman of ur dream told you yg slame ni pown die da lame pndam her feelings towards you? Tacky. But beautiful when you're in love. ^^

See? Cheesy.

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