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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

"Alexander Mcqueen:Savage Beauty" Costume Institute Gala - Top 10 Worst Dressed

Now this is where the real bitchery start...

No. 10 Taylor Swift in J. Mendel

Awwww... Look at sweet little Taylor trying to go experimental and dramatic and stuff. I just wonder why she hates color so much? Even when she try to look different, she still go for nude shades. Awwww.. Don't hate little sweet Taylor. I don't think the dress would like to be mention in one of your songs...

No. 9 Jennifer Lopez in Gucci 

"Yes" J.Lo said, "you can blame it 'On The Flower'."
Plus point for the great color though.

No. 8 Christina Ricci in Zac Posen

Wednesday Addams had done quite a great job growing up didn't she? Mommy Mortie would be proud...
Plus points for all the drama though. I should say it's quite nicely done but I have several issues with spider webs and high neck and overwhelming train combo.

No. 7 Karen Elson in Alexander Mcqueen 

Plain dress with scabies. Ugh. Yawn. Next!

No. 6 Ashley Olsen in Dior Couture

The only thing she'll be saying troughout the whole event would be "Ups. I'm sorry. Excuse me. Ups."

No. 5 Kirsten Dunst in Chanel 

What a skill! To turn something as fabulous as that into something that fugly. That must've taken years of practice!

No. 4 Rihanna in Stella Mccartney 

When I first saw this in thumbnails I was like, "Wow. Her butt looks shineeeeeeyyyy..." And what was she doing bending down like that anyway? Aren't she supposed to have people doing that kinda stuff for her. Or maybe not. Because she's not Beyonce (look at No. 1).

Oh God... Please destroy that satan braid.

No. 3 Lucy Liu in Vionnet

Hey.... I don't know Vionnet make gorilla Halloween costume...
WHOOPS. I mean, fabulous gorilla Halloween costume...

No. 2 Jessica Szohr in Topshop

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Seriously, girlfriend? Topshop? At a Gala? Paired with miniature pony ankle boots? Seriously? Are those bangs blocking your sight when you look at the mirror before you leaves the house?

No. 1 Beyonce in Emilio Pucci 

We have a lot to discuss here.
How artistic this kind of picture is? She looks like a young starlet trying to survive the fame that is the Hollywood. Trying to look perfect in the eyes of the paparazzi whereas...
Beyonce: I'm going to KILL YOU if you dare say I look fat in this!
Jay-z: Ehehehehehe... Just smile honey bee.. Keep smiling..
Beyonce: Oh how tight this dress is! Jayjay, if I didn't make it trough this event, I just want you to know how much I love you...
Jay-z: Just keep smiling honey. Ignore all the bad thoughts. It's just your imagination, you know, since the lack of amount of oxygen going to your brain because of your super-tigh...
Jay-z: Ehehehehe... See? What a happy couple we are. Ehehehehehe...
Beyonce: Now get me the fuck outa here!

To Beyonce, I have some advice to give to you. If:

1) If your head looked as if it's going to pop out anytime,

2) If it seemed like you're never going to experience normal breastfeeding after this,

3) If you need help even walking up the stair, which took, like, an hour for every step, THEN..

You know your dress is too fuckin tight.

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BONUS: Royal Wedding wannabes.

Demi Moore in Prabal Gurung

Serena Williams in Oscar de la Renta

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