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Saturday, 28 May 2011

OMG Sooooo Awkward. Caption Time!

Well because all those celebs don't wanna wear anything interesting (read: ugly, tacky, something worth bitchin about) and there's no red carpet event whatsoever, so I decided to do something a little more fun: CAPTIONING AWKWARD CELEBS PICTURES.

So I found these two interesting pictures on OMGSoAwkward twitpic. Lets start captioning, caption-lovers!

This is said to be taken when Gaga wins her MTV Music Award in her infamous meat dress.
Katy Perry was all like, "FAMEWHORE! BITCH! SLUT! errrrr... FAMEWHORE, again. Ugh! I hope she didn't get vaccinated. Ugh!"

RiRi was all like, "LOL. Is she wearing meat dress? What, did she get hit on her head by her bf too?"

Ke$ha was all like, "Yeah... This is not distracting at all. Yeah.... Now I can really remember WHERE I PUT MY SHOES. Yeah.... Thanx a lot, Lady G."

Bieber was all like, judgemental?

And Jaden Smith was all like, "No, no, I can handle this. No, no, I can handle this."

And that girl next to Jaden was like, "I reeeeaaaally need to go to the toilet."

And that guy next to her was like, "I WILL NEVER GET OVER THIS. EVER."

This picture pretty much says everything, right?
I'm amazed how Bieber had accidentally rubbed her womb (from the outside) and she was still like, "Let it go, Selena... Let it go.. You can do this.. Just, let it go... Remember that he's still young and I still haven't finish quenching my Hollywood-famewhore thirst sucking on his fame juice. Maybe when he had reach his 20s and then I'll start considering dating Greyson Chance, I'll bring this up. Yes. This would be a good reason for a breakups. Like, "Remember, like, a few years ago, you accidentally put your hand on my private part when we're getting all huggy and intimate and sexual on the beach? Well, I'm traumatized by that and I'm still NOT OVER IT. I've been keeping this for so long and now I just can't do it anymore. I can't look at you anymore. I think we should....." Yes. Genius Selena! But for now, let it go, Selena... Let it go..."


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