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Monday, 16 May 2011

Cannes Film Festival 2011: Candice Boucher

In which Candice says "Fuck all that classy bitch wearing classy dress! Tonight I'm going slutty!"

Well, Candice here is a South African model. She is said to be a Playboy model but it's not stated so in her Wiki page. But she does pose for Playboy mags once though.
As for the dress, it is, well, revealing. But I can't say she look that bad either. I just hope she covered her navel though. I'm never ok with navel-exposing on the red carpet. I'm also concern with the back view of it. It look as if she shit her pants while laying on her back. Ugh. And it also look like that black embellishment is hanging from her anus. Yucks!

Anyway, when it comes to Cannes, it'll always be about the 'stairs moment'.

I'd say that was one very unflattering angle. But what do you expect from the paps when you're wearing something that says "waldrobe malfunction in 5..4.." for every steps that you take up the stairs?

Anyway, for the Cannes Stairs Moment, I give her a FAIL.

But overall, I'll give her a B+ for being able to pull off this look. See? How generous I am when giving marks? I'm going to make a very good teacher one day..

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