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Monday, 9 May 2011

I'm going to make this short because...

Alyah- Kisah Hati

...I preview a Malay music video! Tu maknenye mmg terbaek la video trsebot. Hahahaha. But don't get me wrong. Video Malay bkan smuenye lame it's just that slalunye Melayu punye music vid nih consist of org jln2 tnpe arh tuju kat pdg la, kat brnde rumah la, tgh2 jln la sbab tu ssah sket nk amek port Malay nyer vid nih. Kdg2 lagu punyer la best tpi klip video lame giler. Hahahahaha. Maybe this video pon consist of some of the stuff I said just now but I'll tell you why I love this one.

  1. The song is nice and meaningful. And care die smpaikan lagu tu pon full of emotion. 
  2. The setting is super nice n mmbntu untok mnympaikan msj kesedihan yg ade dlm lagu nih (Ceh. Cam org pro plak yg komen an? ;p)
  3. She looks gorgeous! I love her red dress ngan bunge bsar kat ats kpale tuh. Heck I love it so much I even forgive her for running on the road bare-footed. Next time, wear some super-high red stilettos when you're running around in your video, Alyah.
  4. I love the part yg mase die and Remy Ishak brpelok tpi rupe2nye Remy tuh tader. N then the lyrics yg part "Mungkin kita bersama nanti di atas sana". Though a little cliche n rmai org da bwat tpi it's still touching. Huhuhuhuhu.
  5. And lastly and most importantly, it doesn't look cheap and lame. Well it is true yg video nih xde la pkai special effect cam Anuar Zain nyer Sedetik Lebih tu but at least nmpak cam high quality n gambo dier sgt lawo.
I think the job is nicely done here. And I also heard that this is the OST for Nur Kasih The Movie; which explain the special appearance by Remy Ishak there. Anyway, I love this song and I love this vid and I can't wait to watch the movie (although trailer die mcm x best). Till next time guys!

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