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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Just Read: Comfort Food by Kate Jacobs

I've finished reading this quite a long time ago. Actually x minat pon nk buat review about this book sbab to be honest, aku x brminat sgt pon dgn buku ni. Taw x btape trseksanye ak nak habeskan buku nih? ><

Anyway, before I get to the bitchery and stuff lemme tell you, buku ni xdela baru sgt. I think it's published in 2008 or something like that la. Lets get to the synopsis first shall we?

So it's basically about Gus Simpson (it's a shortage from Gustavo). Die ni ade la ala2 Martha Stewart gitu. So die ni is a host and chef of a cooking show; ala2 Chef Wan punye yg org dah x tgok lagi skarang tuh. So tu la her main problem. People just don't watch that kind of show anymore, except for some really die-hard fans. So along the story she have to struggle with her demanding boss, her competition, ex-Miss Universe, Carmen Vega, and kerenah ank2 die yg da mningkat dewasa skarang, Aimee and Sabrina. And then there's the climax when Gus's money was being lesap by one of her trusted errr... org yg uruskan hal2 duit ni la. I can't remember his name though. And then her love conflict with her new culinary producer, Oliver yadda yadda yadda. Kinda like that la story die.

So basically I think this book is boring. Well I heard Kate's previous book, The Friday Knitting Club will be made into a movie featuring Julia Roberts as the main character. To be honest, reading this book, I also think it's a potentially will-be-made-into-movie kinda book. I can easily picture Helen Mirren or maybe Meryl Streep or even, as I said earlier, Martha Stewart playing Guz and Sofia Vergara playing Carmen Vega (but this maybe because of the similarities in their name, Sofia is a Columbian and Carmen was Spanish). I even picture Howie Mendel playing Oliver (mainly because they're both bald and gay kinda happy guy).

Oh yes, and the ending SUCKS. It's like one of those Disney movie's ending where no matter how f**ked-up your story/life is, it'll always end well. Almost magically.

The only thing that caught my interest here is Gus's two daughters - Aimee and Sabrina. Aimee was the oldest one. She's matured and stuff like that; you know, eldest child stuff but at the same time she's very vulnerable and sensitive. I especially like the part where she broke down during their group therapy session (or whatsoever you wanna call it; if you have read the book) and I love the part where she said she'd be really upset if her mom punish her by not letting her eat her vegies in alphabetical orders. How OCD!

Then there was Sabrina. I'd call her the Taylor Swift of this story. Nope she's not a virginal. innocent-looking country singer. Let me put it this way - she's a playgirl. But not in a bad kinda way, more in a good kinda way. You know, like Taylor Swift. When I read this novel I really thought she'd dump Billy and go with Troy instead. When that didn't happen, it struck me as "Hmm. Interesting." To make it more interesting, there's a chance Troy is going to hook up with Hannah, Gus reclusive neighbor.

Oh and talking about Hannah, I really love the part where she and Carmen had a little chat. Almost like a heart-to-heart chat. I kinda like it cause it's like a different side of Carmen, because she's been bitchy and stuff all this while, it's kinda interesting to see her softer side.

Enough with my opinion on it. Lets go to my favorite part: the quotes.
-"God only give us what we can handle." It's a shitty line that people tell you so you don't fall apart and make things messy. For them-
-And in her heart she could hear a drum beat: Trust will lead to hurt. Trust will lead to hurt.- Sabrina's thoughts when Troy wanted to know her more.
-"Sometimes suffering is just suffering. It doesn't make you stronger. It doesn't build character. It only hurts"-
-Never knowing enough to be scared- Carmen on her childhood dream.
 -"Part of playing childhood games is to remember the freedom and exhilaration from long ago. Before stresses and ambition eroded our sense of teamwork and loyalty."
-What she hated most of all was the knowledge, deep within her bones, that he had taken so much of her happiness away with him- Gus on her husband, Christopher's death.
 -"It's unexpected," admitted Aimee. "You swear like a sailor."- -"Well what do you expect," Carmen said. "I spent years in beauty pageant dressing room."- My favorite quote so far.
-"I have this funny thought sometimes," admitted Gus. "That the people who die young get to escape the pain while the rest of us are left picking up the pieces."-
 -"And her boobs aren't fake!" Gus shouted at the retreating duo as the elevators door began to close. She turned to Carmen. "Are they?"- Note: You have to read this part: last part of chapter 22. It's kinda cool.
 -One person made it a party, but two guests made it an occasion.-
Ok. That's all for now. I'm supposed to be watching movie now (because Thursday supposed to be movie premiere day) but something else occur so I have to cancel it. I'll be posting my commentaries and views on the novel The Notebook later. ;D

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