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Thursday, 7 July 2011

I Mumbled: Being Bipolar

Nah I'm not bipolar. Well I do have my own 'f**k it's so hard to wear this jeans now I'm going to be moody all day long' or 'why does it have to be so f**king hot in here?' moment but that's a pretty strong reason to get mad, no?

Anyway. I feel kinda depressed now. I don't know why. Tomorrow will be my last day doing my pre-practicum at school but to be honest I'm not that attached to this programme or to the school. I'm not saying it's a bad or bleh or anything-that-indicates-the-word-'bad' experience la tapi I can say I'm not that involved la with this school and the staff - probably (or maybe memang pon) it's my fault for being too quiet and superior being the youngest teacher there.

Anyway. Maybe it's the routine. I mean, I've been doing this for a month now and maybe I'll miss getting up early in the morning and watching those students menjalani their school-life (which I really miss).... Maybe it's the students kowt. You know students are kinda like kids. When they're in school they always can't wait to get out of there, konon-konon nye lebeyh bebas la. Huh. Wait until you go to university and have to do everything by yourself without having your parents for you to go when you need comforting or back you up. Wait until you have to work your ass off to tanggung, well your ass.

Anyway. Ape aku merepek nih? Knape aku speak Manglish? Well this suppose to be an announcement post la. I'm just going to say that I'll not be posting for a week (Maybe. Hopefully) because I wanna focus on my report-writing (Which is ,like, a lot, UNLIKE those reports you do in SCHOOL. See, kids?) and finish my diary (actually I prefer 'journal' more than 'diary') and try to find a f**king job cause now I'm broke T.T

Hey, maybe that's why I'm depressed!

(ps: bile depressed suke sgt dgr lagu nih wakk!!)

Adele-Rolling In The Deep

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