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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Fashion: Eugenia Silva in Armani Prive

Oh, Eugenia. I don't know who the hell are you (Wiki said she's some sorta Spanish model) but gal, this is one heck of a fashion orgasm.

Eugenia Silva attending the Elle 25th Anniversary Awards in Armani Prive.

Armani Prive Spring 2011

Armani Prive clutch.

Armani Prive heels.
Congrats, Eugenia. That's not an easy dress to pull off but you wear'em pretty nicely. Well it look a little shapeless but that's not the main point here.

The dress, if you're a celeb and you see them on the runway, you won't be thinking that that is the appropriate dress to wear to events or the red carpet. You'll think that this dress only belong on the runway, worn by those skinny models with their crazy makeups and styling. But Eugenia here was all, "F**k those Hollywood celebs with their short, black and tight dresses. I'm a f**king Spanish and I'm here to make a statement!" God bless the Spanish blood.

And thanks to her modeling skills (I guess) she's able to stand all tall and confident wearing this extravagant dress.

And one more thing that I love about this look is the bold accessorizing. The issues with celebrities wearing bold dresses is they usually will pair them with a toned-down accessory because they think it'll kinda 'balance' the whole look or something. But Eugenia here go with some cool, futuristic-looking perspex clutch and although I don't really like her purple leather heels, I'll give it a credit for not being an ordinary-looking purple pumps.

Oh Eugenia, dear. Your stylist team should be given a raise. They deserve it.

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