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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Fashion: Freida Pinto in Juan Carlos Obando

Freida Pinto wears something and here we are to discuss (and of course, to bitch around) about it.

Freida Pinto in Juan Carlos Obando at the LA premiere of 'The Rise Of The Planet Of Apes'
So what are we waiting for? Lets discuss!

Lets first look at the not-so-bright side (the dark side?). The front part, or more specifically, the bust part of the dress. It's so... droopy. But I don't think that's too much of a problem here. I mean, I don't want to comment her boobs but I should say her bust part can really pull off that droopy-ness quite well.

 And I really love how the color of the dress really suits her skin tone.

And I think I can smell James Franco's hair from here. Moving on.

And the back part of the dress I don't like - the starting point of the asymmetrical-ity of the hem. I hate it. It's too random. It's like the designer originally intended to make this a floor-length dress but suddenly change his mind and took a scissors and started cutting it up to a point where his assistant have to come up to him and say "Enough for today. Why don't you go back and take some rest?"

And from the closed-up look, this actually looks kinda cheap. Maybe because it's too colorful. And it also look like it's missing a few stones there.

Anyway, lets move on the good part here. Makeup and hair: FABULOUS.

"What with hating the melting boobs guys? Lets look at the bright side, ey man? Sexyback and straps! How gorgeous raaaaaaaaayyyyyyyte?"

And I super love this shot. The wind is really on her side. She looks fabulous. This photo should be used as a presentation of the dress. She's selling the shit out of it!

But then again, it come to this one point.

She's working that dress like it owes her a thousand bucks. Yup it's not a very pretty dress but then again, I don't know anyone who can work, and look fabulous and happy at the same time wearing a dress that's hard to pull off. Brava for the attitude, Freida. I'm going to give this a pass.

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