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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Fashion: Friends With Benefit NYC Premiere: Fashion Hits and Misses

Yes, I'm back, bitches!! Well I miss a lot of stuff last week but I'll get to that later, okay?

But before that, lets look at what's happening now. So Milla Kunis (and JT, whatevs, yawn) have a new movie coming out called 'Friends With Benefits' about two friends having sex and then eventually fell in love zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Where am I again?

Anyway. So a bunch of celebs go to the NYC movie premiere to show their support for her new movies. Or maybe they just wanted to see JT naked. Whatever. Anyway, lets use our imagination and, well, imagine. Imagine that this is not a movie premiere, but a Friends Gathering For A Benefit Tea Party event. And let see who showed up!

Milla Kunis in Lanvin Resort

This is Milla. She's the wife of a rich 80-years-old oil tycoon/billionaire, Robert Djovovick. She's also the one who conducted this whole party. Throughout the whole party, she can be seen flirting with the young waiters while her husband was left in the toilet screaming for his wheelchair. And diapers.

Emma Stone in Giambattista Valli

So this is Emma. And she's some kinda hipster or something. She had claimed to be redhead long before Hayley Williams (you know, that Paramore chick) was famous and she also claim she had been listening to Lady Gaga long before she was famous, you know when she still look like Amy Winehouse and have her pants on.

She's also Robert's daughter and Milla's stepdaughter. But don't worry, no Cinderella drama going on here. She lives with her mom (I'll get to that in a second).

Back to her being a hipster, she's now sporting a new trend: clutch-skirt! "Handbag is sooooooo out. I mean, people have been wearing them since when, like, the 60s or something?", she claimed.

Melissa George
And Milla was like, 'Why the f**k did that old man invite his ex-wife to MY party?"

Emanuelle Chriqui
This is Milla's daughter with her previous husband, some downtown drug dealer who is now spending his time in jail for the possession of cocaine. Anyway, back to Emanuelle here, she's the IT girl at her highschool. She likes to party, flirt, drink, party, sex, sleep, party, you know, typical American highschool girl. She wanted to be an actress when she grows up but she's aware of the fact that she might have to appear in a stupid reality show on MTV about a bunch of dumbass who go around socializing (party, party, party) in New York City (or worse, Jersey Shore). And maybe get pregnant, or some plastic surgery and shit like that.

Olivia Palermo

This is Olivia. She's Emma's best friend who's also an art school student. That's explain quite a lot about her choice of outfit at this event. Very..... ARTSY.

Rose Bryne

This is Rose. She's Milla's best friend and the only one who can tolerate her antics. She's a young fashion magazine editor and live in a very posh apartment in Manhattan. She's an independent woman and she claimed that she doesn't need a man in her life. Milla always laugh out loud at her when she said that and then she'd say "Then what about sex? It's like, important, right? We can die without it. Oh, honey.." And the conversation will end with Rose rolling her eyes and says "And like you have sex with that old man?" and Milla will laugh and say "God! Of course not!" while looking suspiciously flirty at her hot gardener.

But deep down inside, she's actually jealous of Milla. She think Milla is very lucky - she's hot and rich and sexy and guys are attracted to her - especially when she's all by herself, eating almost-expired ice cream on her couch while watching Oprah.

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