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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Fashion: Emma Watson Promoting Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollows Part 2

We've previewed the movie. Now lets preview the dress Emma Watson wear to the movie premiere, press events and talk shows to promote the final Potter movie.

She starts with a little tumble.

Emma Watson wearing Rafael Lopez at the movies London photocall.

This look kinda reminisce the other Rafael Lopez that she wore to promote the previous Potter movie last year. While it work the first time, I don't think it really work this time. The dress is all wrong. The shoulder's lace and ruffles detailing is out of proportion and the back of the dress is ugly and sorry to say Emma but that hair doesn't seem to grow out well. And for some reason it kinda remind me of Austin Power. Ekh.

Emma Watson at the London premiere of HP7 in Oscar De La Renta.

Many people like this dress and I seriously don't know why. It's just a simple dress with what-is-the-purpose-of-it transparent strap and a whole bunch of ruffles. I know it's kinda extravagant and stuff but you can't deny the fact that it's just a simple dress with ruffles. A lot of them

Lets talk about Emma here. It's good to see her venturing into the high-fashion style but this look just doesn't suit her. It takes a very tall and skinny creature (runways model) to pull this off. Emma is not short (she's 5'6") but she's not modelesque-tall either. This dress is weighing her down and make her look a little stumpy. And geez that hair...

Emma Watson in Elie Saab at the London premiere after-party.

The dress is too Mia Wasikowska for my likings. And what is wrong with her? First, the accessorizing. Why in the world would she pair a plain dress (plain dress with pretty embellishments, sooo Elie Saab) with an equally boring peep-toes and no accessory? It might work at a red carpet event but this is a party. She should at least be wearing something fun and colorful and cheery. The one she can dance and drink and flirt with Tom Felton in. This is just too plain for a party dress. Unless this party was held at the Buckingham Palace.

Emma Watson in Bottega Veneta at the movie's NYC premiere.

Okay. After I saw what she wear at the after-party I think I know what's Emma's problem. She always try to look sweet and twee and stuff on a red carpet. I mean, she's wearing an Elie Saab rock at a club after-party, for Heaven's sake! So I'm going to give her a plus point for this. Yeah it does look like she have been partying too hard and she drank too much and WHOOPS five minutes to movie premiere AVARA CURTAIN-AND-BRA *POOF* I'm ready to go. But at least she's trying something different here. Too bad the dress is ugly, the makeup is tragic and her hair is severe. Just....too bad.

And what with her 'Behold me, Emma Watson. Bow down to me, earthlings' pose?

Emma Watson at the taping of David Letterman Show in a Balmain dress.

This dress is silly. It's shapeless, shiny, and the neckline is weird... But I don't blame her. I don't blame the designer either. It's that kind of dress that was designed to look good and eye-catching on the runway for like, 3 minutes. The only person you should blame here is your stylist. This dress is not for outside-of-the-runway wear and your stylist should know better. And that wedges.... I'm... just... speechless....

Emma Watson in Prada at The Today Show.

And..... Shes back to being twee again. I'm sorry Emma. It's not your fault. That dress is so twee even Michelle Williams will look silly in it. Love love love the heels though.

So lotsa parties, premiere, talk shows and all I like is one heels? Better luck next time, Emma.

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