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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Fashion: The Smurfs 3D NYC Premiere

Seriously, who watch Smurfs anymore? I mean, I know they are popular back in the (according to Wikipedia) 80s but people who watched the cartoon series, who's supposedly, like, eight or ten years old back then, haven't they all moved on and stuff already? I mean, it's the Smurfs, not X-Men or, say, Scooby Doo or something. Anyway.

Plus, I don't think people in their 30s will enjoy the 3D experience. Heck the last time I watch a movie in 3D, which is the final Harry Potter movie, the only thing that popped out in front of my eyes is the exit signs. It's sooo... inviting. Oh and there are some stars too. Thank God the movie was good. Anyway.

We're not talking movie critics here, guys. Lets talk fashion. So The Smurfs makes their first appearance to the world after almost 30 years hiding in the enchanted forest - in 3D, no less. And which celeb came out to give their supports to these cute, blue creature, and most importantly, who looks fab doing so?

Lets judge!

Olivia Palermo

Oh this is bad. Honey, you're Olivia Palermo, the most fabulous living creature who's not an actress or singer (she worked in the fashion industry) that ever runs the red (or blue, whatever) carpet but look at you now. We can see your bra and panties, and your tops (I know she did that on purpose, which makes it kinda worse) makes your whole look looks sloppy and most importantly - no colors - which just add more to the sloppiness.

Love your clutch though. xoxo

Sofia Vergara in Missoni

This whole looks kinda screams 'Bollywood' with the striking color, sequins and those over-the-top accessories, which is good IF you're performing on a stage or if you're a, well, Bollywood star. But when you wear all these to an American movie premiere, on a blue carpet, it just screams 'TACKY'.

Your face still looks gorgeous though. xoxo

Jayma Mays in Reem Arca

Poor gal. Those dresses are too short and she was all like "I'm gonna keep these legs clamped shut trough out this whole red carpet event. No panties flashing for you today paps. Geez I hope my buttcheeks aren't showing too."

But enough with that. Lets talk about the dress. I love it. It have colors and although it's a wee bit too shiny and short, I still think it's a pretty dress. And I also love how her heels gives a little pop of color but still matches the embroideries on the dress.

And then lets talk about her. What with that hair? I know it's not a terrible hairdo or anything but it does look a little severe on her. I love her more with the soft curls. And orange lipstick honey? Seriously? First, it doesn't look pretty on her and second, it clashes with the greens of the dress.

Katy Perry in The Blonds

And Katy was like, "This is how it's done, bitchess!!" Okay maybe not for everyone. But.

If The Smurfs was big in, like, the 50s, this would be the perfect dress for a pin-ups poster don't you think so? Anyway, I really love this dress on her. It's so 'Katy Perry at The Smurfs movie premiere where she's one of the main voice-star in the movie'. It's perfect. It's Katy Perry. Nuff' said.

But necks up she looks like a cheap Vegas showgirl who had just spend the whole nights drinking alcohol while exchanging makeup tips with Ke$ha.


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