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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Cameron Diaz: Bad Teacher premieres and photocalls styles.

Hey guys! It's that time again where we get all bitchy and criticize what celebs wear to their film premiere. And this time, our victim is Miss Leggy-Leg, Cameron Diaz!!

CamD got a movie coming out this summer called 'Bad Teacher', a movie about some foul-mouthed teacher who had just been dumped by her sugardaddy so she tries to woo her colleague after that or some shit like that. Well I don't know if the movie will turn out good or not (it's a CamD movie) but two reasons I wanna watch it: foul-mouthed teacher and JT and CamD pretending that they're so over each other by acting in the same movie. Yeah... We'll see about that....

But for now, lets talk fashion.

At Madrid photocalls in Elizabeth and James pink blazer and white rompers.

This is quite easy. It's the typical Cam D. Nothing much to judge here. Short romper, long fab legs and she looks beautiful, as always. My only complaint here is that I wish that blazer is longer. At least the same length with the romper. I'm cool with the sandal but I hate that golden heels.

At the press conference in London.

Well this is basic. But I think it's totally appropriate for such event. And that jeans fitting was super-nice. See, Cam D? You can look good without having to show too much legs.

Moscow photocalls in Chanel tweed jacket and J Brand jeans.

The jacket seems a little bit out of place here. It's like she's all casual strollin around sightseeing in Moscow and she suddenly remembered she have a photocall. So she break the 'For Emergency Only' glass for her Chanel tweed jacket that she thought can go with anything.

Well, Cam D, it don't.

At the Moscow premiere in Emilio Pucci

I have mixed opinions about this dress. I admit it looks fabulous on her but honey, not everyone (almost everyone) can't pull off a shapeless sequined mini. She looks gorgeous and stuff but at the same time the dress makes her look a little wider. Other than that I think the look is just okay. The platform pumps are totally acceptable.

At Berlin photocall in Akris shirtdress.

It's a little washed-out - light blue dress, nude belt, nude sandals. But she looks pretty fine. And that recycled condom bracelet needs to go. You can promote birth control somewhere else, Cam D, but NOT at your film's photocall.

At the Berlin premiere of the movie in Akris jumpsuit.

I remember Penelope Cruz once wear a black jumpsuit to her movie premiere which is an absolute total disaster. But that's another story. For now, lets focus on this. Lets focus on
Phew.  An all caps fashion rage is such a relief.

Now it's the time. Time for you to refer to this statement: Is Cam D have really get over JT?

At the NYC premiere in a Chanel dress.
Oh no, Honey Cam D! This is not what you wear when you're meeting your ex at your own movie premiere!

This is sooo like, "Bitch I am sooo over you. Can't you see it!? Can't you see it!?"

"There's no hell way you can't see it! I'm wearing a see-trough! People can see everything! My bra, my abs and even my thongs! And like that is not enough, this dress is so short my granma keep insisting me to wear a pants! Hahahahaha. Can't you see it, bitch? I'm flirting with every single guy and even girl in this room! I'm sooooooo over you! Can't you see it!? Can't you see it!? Muahahahahahaha!! Muahahahahahaha!!"

"And during my free time, I watch movie and flirt with my old neighbour who lives across the street with his cat and his wife's ashes! I'm soooooo over you! Hahahahahahahaha!! I'm sooooo over you, bitch!! Ahahahahahahaha!!!"

Errrrr.... Yeah Cam D...

Promoting her movie at the Late Show With David Letterman in JC de Castelbajac blue dress.

Well, she loves her dress. And I hate those ass-big zipper.

And one advice for you Cam D: KEEP THOSE BORROWED/SPONSORED HEELS. Steal it if you have to.

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