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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Watten, Hell? Part 1: Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum, JLo and Cam D makes an appearance on a Germany TV show call Wetten, Das...?. A model diva, a true diva and one insignificant invisible actress in one TV show? Sounds interesting. But what's more interesting? What they decided to look like that day.

And Heidi was all like:

"Wetten fuck? Go get your own seat you fucking scumbag. Get the fuck out of my fucking seat!"

"Why? Why am I receiving such cold treatment? Why oh why? Did you know what kind of shit I've to go trough to get here? Did you know?"

"My father, the King of Mermaidlade Land, never approve me of getting on the shore. We usually prefer to spend our day staring at each other's body prints so hard until a 3D image appear and tell us what to do besides predicting our future. My daddy never approve me going to this stupid show! So I ran. I ran away from him."

"But now that you've treat me like this, I'm getting the fuck outa here!"

"But thank you. Thank you Jesus-on-a-therapeutic-vacation guy. I really appreciate you compassion and caring-ness. Showing me back to the right path-where my real and very own seats are."

'Thank you! Thank you so much!! I'll tell my father how lovely people up here are and maybe he'll give you guys a present! How about a dress made of lion fish, dead corals and used fish's gills? Ain't that just LOVELY?"

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