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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Fashion Review of the Week: Kelly Rowland in Twenty8Twelve

Nothing happen this week. NOTHING! No event, no red carpet, no interesting outfits to discuss about. Even Michelle William was like;

"Oh f**k the paps. Because no one wears anything interesting this week, even my pictures strollin around in my teenage-years jeans jacket and clog will made it to the style section."

Errrrr... don't worry Michelle. We're not THAT desperate. And talking about teenagers, remember what Britney used to wear as a teenager?

Well, this is done waaaaaaaaay better than that. Although.....

Kelly Rowland in Twenty8Twelve at the UK X-Factor audition in England.

Twenty8Twelve Spring/Summer Collection.

..... I still don't like it.

Yeah, I know. She looks kinda cute and she can pull it off quite well and stuff but I have issues with mid-baring top. It just look a little too not-red-carpet-appropriate. And it doesn't help at all that her hair look so severe it's making her face look weird. I also hate the fact that I can see her bra and also the fact that the runaway version was waaaay cuter than the version she's wearing.

Anyway, I think it IS a nice top but I'd prefer the runaway version. It's a little tacky but enh. At least it won't get any tackier than this.

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