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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Emmy Awards: My 'Beige' Night (with bonus: ACM feat. Taylor Swift)

When I saw this pic of Elisabeth Moss at the recent Emmy Awards, I was like, "Enh."

Elisabeth Moss in Marchesa at the 2011 Emmy Awards.
Okay, maybe not just "Enh". I also "Marchesa!"-ed when I saw this. And because I'm a big fan of illusions neckline, I also give her a plus point for that.

But like I said just now, it's the same ol' Elisabeth - beige dress, beige makeups, beige accessories. And the more I look at those illusions neckline, the more it look as if a flock of pigeons just took a crap on her shoulder. A glitter crap, apparently. Must be Ke$ha's pet. Damn you, Ke$ha!

And then, I saw this picture of Taylor Swift:

Taylor Swift in Elie Saab at the ACM Honors event in Nashville
I imagine if these girls hang out together they'll be like "OMG Beth (that's what I imagine Taylor will call Elisabeth) beige is like, so great, it was like, so cool and like, so awesome and I like, SUPER LOVE IT and stuff.." and Elisabeth will be like "Yeah.... Hmm... Yeah. Yeah." and Taylor was like "I am, like, totally going to write a song about this. I'll call it 'Beige In December' and it will be about our friendship and guys and highschools and guys. You know..... OMG this is sooooo exciting!!"

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