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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Fashion: Big Designers, Big Events. (part 1)

Nah. Enough with the "I'm so sorry I haven't been posting for so long. Works works works etc"

Lets talk dresses and fashion.

Armani Dinner, Giorgio Armani.

Camilla Belle

Ugly jumpsuit paired with an equally ugly heels.
Emma Stone in Giorgio Armani

I'm not sure about the dress but lets talk about her. What is up with her? Did she get struck by a lightning on her way here or what?
Jessica Alba


Katie Holmes

And Camilla was like, "THANK GOD."

Elle's 18th Annual Women In Hollywood Tribute, in association with Calvin Klein.

Freida Pinto in Calvin Klein

LOVING the necklace. It adds something to the rather plain dress. And I love it that Freida knows how to work a minimalistic look best - slick hair and eye-catching accessories.

 Jennifer Aniston in Kaufman Franco

That killa heels are actually quite fabulous. Er, and that was it.

Katherine Heigl in Amanda Wakeley

Enh. I never really like her. The dress is quite pretty. The clutch is nice. But the hair is terrible. Doesn't suit her at all and made her look old.

 Nicole Ritchie in Douglas Hannant

A little loose-fitting but she looks okay.

Elizabeth Olsen in Calvin Klein

"Oh of course! Isn't it fabulous? I know it's a gunny sack but it's Calvin Klein..."

Michelle Pfeiffer in Alexander Mcqueen

Ageless bitch looking fabulous.

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