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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Fashion: The 2011 Latin Grammy Awards

Hot-blooded Latina wearing cracktastic tacky dress? Count me in!

Demi Lovato in Roland Mouret

Nah. I don't think she have enough boobs to carry this kind of dress. And what with those hair?

Sofia Vergara in Reem Arca

Very gorgeous.

Chiquinquira Delgado

The dress looks like it's covered with mould.

But I think it's kinda pretty.


Tulle, glitters, cleavage... Typical Latina stuff.

Satcha Pretto


Paula Fernandes

"I feel so sexy tonight! Look at all this lace covering the skin of my side-exposed body!"

Blanca Soto

"Bitch please. THIS is how you do sexy-side dress. You go full-frontal, bitches."

Lourdes Estefan

"My dress just gave birth to another dress. Your argument is hence invalid, bitches."

Anqelique Boyer

"I have no titties. Now YOUR argument is invalid."

Alejandra Guzman

Oh, the Latinos...


...they're just so proud of their DIY dresses right?

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